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RonyaSoft Poster Designer is a software program for easy making of attractive posters, banners and signs. Collection of ready-to-use poster templates and intuitive user interface allows to create own posters and banners in a few clicks. Created posters may be printed on home or office printer, exported to graphic format, saved for further use and even printed as multipage poster providing other software utility RonyaSoft Poster Printer is installed.
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Add the ability to change the color of existing images and the ability to use more than one color and gradients in new objects.

azgamer, 06.07.2011, 21:40
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see fonts where you can 'change' the inside color of the word, add 'shadow' to be able to make letters have' 3_D' effect much like 'PSP' program!

teri, 07.07.2011, 13:59
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Combine it with your Poster Printer. $30 would be a good price for both, together.

Response from the site administrator
RonyaSoft, 05.07.2011
Poster Designer allows to print posters on your printer, A4 format if you have A4 printer, A3 if A3, etc.
But if want to print large posters on small printer Poster Printer is used.
Using Poster Printer you may print posters not only from Poster Designer, but from you images and photos.
Thats why Poster Printer is separate software.
In future Poster Designer and Poster Printer may be combined into special pack (one of the next ideas) to simplify installation and registration.
Unfortunately, we may not provide 2 tools for $30, only in case of promotions.
Beagle, 05.07.2011, 08:10
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The ability to add layers to the posters design would enable a more professional finish to the poster designs

Each layer should have a seperate fade control so that you could control the density of each layer, which would also enable you to bring out the more important layers. It would also mean that you could build up a stock of themes that could be...
Response from the site administrator
RonyaSoft, 05.07.2011
Each object in the software is treated as separate layer.
Few objects can be grouped into single object (single layer).
Unfortunately we are not planning to add additional layers support with aim not to complicate software. It is not professional level tool. This product is created for graphic design beginners.
Whiterabbit-uk, 05.07.2011, 09:06

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